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Carpe Diem Haiku Writing Techniques #1, Juxtaposition.

I often hear that juxtaposition is a key to successful haiku. The contrast of two images in haiku is most often instrumental in creating resonance. © Chèvrefeuille

Robert Spiess, editor of ‘Modern Haiku’, has said the following about juxtaposition in haiku:
[…] “Juxtaposition of entities in haiku cannot be simply the throwing together of just anything; the poet must have the intuition that certain things, albeit of “opposite” characteristics, nonetheless have a resonance with each other that will evoke a revelation when they are juxtaposed in accordance with the time-tested canons and aesthetics of haiku.” […]

an old man stumbled
while all people moved in hurry
baby girl screamed loud

the running fence
great piece of creative art
Elton still standing

technique in order
juxtaposition is fun
chaos in playground

Ps. Do you know about Christo’s “Running fence”? And Elton Johns “Still standing”?



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