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My father

Carpe Diem #709, God Realisation.

a present father
teaches daughters to believe
believe in themselves

good daughter
appreciate him
for wisdom

my father was wise
I learnt to believe in me
need no other dad

I love my father
present wise loving always
for us three sisters

Me and my dad. I think I was 3 years here.

2 thoughts on “My father

  1. What a beautiful, beautiful picture. I have 3 daughters, so your post – haiku and pictures – really resonate with me. There were Jehovah witnesses at the door yesterday. One thing they said – unbelievably – was that children these days lacked discipline..since when is it THEIR business – anyway, they asked me about my children and discipline ”my girls discipline me quite well,,,” I said.
    Your haiku are so real. Great post

    1. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment. I am sure your daughters are very proud of their father and love you dearly.
      I use to say that every daughter should be their dad’s princess. It makes strong and brave girls.
      All the best to you dear Pirate!