#renga The coated street

Carpe Diem Time Glass #14, Winter Wonderland.
This week I love to challenge you all a bit more to write a short chained poem -Renga – with a maximum of eight stanza following the classical rules (5-7-5; 7-7; 5-7-5; 7-7; 5-7-5; 7-7; 5-7-5; 7-7) and your last stanza (classically called “ageku”) has to close the chain by associating on the first stanza.

Amelia in red
walking in her dreams along
greens dressed red too
All the dreams play white songs
wishing for more red and green.

Camelia in red
waiting for admirations
while the leaves are sad
The snow rebuilds the chapel
the tears have a final home

The coated street light
fills every dream and sadness
grief round the corner
performing dance starts here
wanting to embrace cold hands

The air is happy
breathing is for healthy life
the steps are sorry
Christmas time makes happiness
for other it’s worst time ever

Ps. I am thinking of all the children with addicted and abusing parents.



4 thoughts on “#renga The coated street

  1. December can be an odd time of the year for those unable to celebrate.
    And yet sometimes everyday can be a challenge. Making December no different from the rest, save for the colors…

    Kudos to all the volunteers everyday of the year helping to make each day brighter for those in need.
    A very thought provoking piece.